Web Design: Marketing Box
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Add marketing directly into your menu. This will be displayed inside of the first category on your menu.

Enable Marketing Box

This setting will enable marketing box inside of your first category


The Destination Url your guests will be directed to after they click on the Image.


This is the clickable image that will take the guest to the above Url.

File Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF
File Size: up to 2MB
Dimensions: 960x960

Note: The Marketing Box is responsive, so the width of it will change based on the width of the browser window. If there is text on the image, make sure to keep away from the border or it may be cut off.

How to Update Marketing Box


  1. Click on Web

Click on Web
  1. Click on Marketing Box

Click on Marketing Box
  1. Toggle On Enable Marketing Box

  1. Input Destination URL

  1. Click on Upload File or drag and drop image into upload box

  1. Click on Save

Click on Save

SUCCESS! You have successfully updated your Marketing Box

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