Mobile App Design: Hub Marketing
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Create a custom Hub Marketing card with any Title and Destination URL (eg. Blog posts, Nutrition, Socials) to add marketing elements to homescreen of your app, etc.)



Displays on the top of the Hub marketing card on the app's homescreen

Accepted File Formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG. WEBP, GIF

File Size Limits: up to 2MB

Dimensions (recommended): 1000px width

note: image can be any height as the card will shrink/expand to uploaded image height


Displays underneath the Image on the Hub Marketing card


Displays underneath the Title on the Hub Marketing card

Button Text*

CTA displayed to guests at bottom of Hub Marketing card

Button URL*

Destination URL when guest clicks on Button Text

Steps for Adding and Removing Content from Mobile App Home Screen

1. Click on Mobile App

2. Click on Hub Marketing

Click on Hub Marketing

3. Click on Add New

Click on Add New

4. Click on This dimensions must be width: (0...1000), height: (0...1000) pixels

5. Input Title copy

Input Title copy

6. Input Description copy

Input Description copy

7. Input Button Text copy

Input Button Text copy

8. Input Button URL

Input Button URL

9. Click on Save

Click on Save

Deleting Hub Marketing Cards in Mobile App

Remove current marketing cards from the app

10. Click on Remove

Click on Remove
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