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Display or hide different parts of your the online ordering site.

Display Partial Payments

This setting allows a user to split payments between separate cards and is visible on all service types.

Display Promos And Rewards on Cart

This setting will display 'Promos and Rewards' part inside of the cart.

Display Drop Off Instructions

This setting will display 'Drop-Off Instructions' part in the checkout page.

Hide Item Note

This setting will hide item note in item modals

Hide Order Note

This setting will hide order note in checkout page

Hide Include Utensils

This setting will hide include utensils checkbox in checkout page

Display Order Tracking

This setting will display 'Order Tracking' on the confirmation page.

Customize Button Radius

This setting will customize the radius of the buttons. If toggled ON, Button Radius is a required field.

Button radius refers to the curvature or roundness of the corners of a button, ranging from sharp corners (0) to fully rounded corners (50% or more).

Show Item Prices On Menu Page

This setting will show item prices on menu page.

Modifier Display Style

Select the display style of the modifiers in item modal

  • List: Menu items are presented in a list view, arranged in one column spanning the entire width of the device

  • Grid: Menu items are presented in a card style, arranged in two columns

Display Content Hub

This setting will display content hub page in the header.

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