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Upload the fonts that are used on the online ordering site.

All fonts must be a WOFF font file (up to 2MB). You can convert OTF font files (most common) using the Cloud Connect Google Drive Extension.

How to Upload a new Font

  1. Click on Fonts

Click on Fonts
  1. Click on Upload File or drag and drop file into upload box

  1. Select a .woff from file upload menu

Select a .woff from file upload menu
  1. Click on Save

Click on Save

You've successfully uploaded a new font!

Header Font

Font style that appears for all headers such as Brand name, Category Title, Service Type (in cart), Modifier Categories, Cart Titles, Checkout Titles.

Text Font

Font style that appears for all ‘un-bold’ fonts such as Address, Phone Number, un-selected Business Hours, Social Links, un-selected Menu Categories, Menu Item Descriptions, Modifiers, Search Box, Promos and Rewards text, Checkout details.

Text Bold Font

Font Style that appears for ‘bolded’ fonts such as selected Business Hours, Header Links, Order Details bar (in the header), selected Menu Categories, Menu Item Names, Prices, Promos and Rewards Titles.

Button Font

Font Style that appears wherever buttons are located such as Service Type, Order Now, Add to Cart, Go to Checkout, Redeem (promo and rewards), Place Your Order.

Font Size Multiplier

You have to option to make the size of the font bigger by adding in the quantity you would like to multiply it by.

Text Color

You have the option to change the hex code color on all of the above fonts, except for buttons.

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