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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Time Slot Editor Overview

The Time Slot Editor allows restaurant partners to identify their various menu day parts such as breakfast, lunch and dinner and apply these time slots to a number of different factors.

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Time Slots can be assigned to menu items, throttling rules, and then scheduled based on when the item should be available. This can be done at the global level (no Store selected), or at the local level (Store selected).


Use Time Slots for things like Limited Time Offers (LTOs) or Lunch Special Items. You’ll be able to set up when exactly you’d like to make those items available for your guests to order.


Time Slots can be applied to Menu Categories and Menu Items but NOT full Menus or Modifiers.

WARNING: When removing Time Slots from your system it is important to remove that time slot from your menu and coupons first. If you do not these can get stuck in places where they have been applied and will not be visible in the UI. This will require an escalation with our engineering team to remove.

Update Time Slots or Schedules

To update the Time Slots or Schedules:

Step 1: From the Business Hours tab, select the Time Slot Editor sub-tab and search for the store you wish to update time slots for.

Note: For Global Time Slots, do not search for a location at all

Step 2: Create a new time slot by specifying the Slot Name, and External ID (If applicable). Then, select Create Slot.

Step 3: Choose a Time Slot from the Time Slot Name drop-down.

Step 4: Specify the Day(s) of the week for this time slot to be available.

Step 5: Select a Start Time and End Time for the time slot’s schedule.

Step 6: If needed, specify a Start Date and/or End Date.

Step 7: Select Add Schedule.

Step 8: f you are viewing local-level Time Slots, you can also select the Tool Icon to configure a local-level override.

Step 9: To remove a schedule, select next to the time slot’s schedule.

Step 10: You may also change available fields and select Update to modify existing time slot schedules.

Best Practices

For Menus, navigate to the Menu Category(s) or Item(s) and check off the Time Slot you would like to restrict this menu item for:

Once, the menu item has been edited, save and test on your ordering site.

For Order Throttling, navigate to Order Processing, then the Order Throttling Rules to apply any Time Slots.

For Coupon CLUs Day of the Week Restrictions or Expiration Date Overrides, navigate to Coupons, then find a coupon and apply the Time Slots to the CLU.

NOTE: For coupons with multiple expiration dates leave the expiration date in the coupon at the top of screen blank.


  • How would I create a Lunch Special offer?

Start by creating a new Time Slot for your special and create your times, days and dates for availability. Once you have set up your new time slot, navigate over to menus and select the time slot for your Lunch Special Menu Items or full Category that you would like to apply the Time Slot to.

  • Can I use Time Slots to override my order throttling hours for a specific Holiday?

Yes you can! This can be completed using a timeslot specific to the holiday which can then be assigned to an order throttling rule.

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