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LB 2.0 Catering: Quoted Orders from the Call Center
LB 2.0 Catering: Quoted Orders from the Call Center
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Quoted Catering Orders

Placing a Catering Quote

Step 2: Before you check out, "save as a quote."

Step 3: Give the quote a name and click to send a copy to the customer.

Quoted Catering Order Emailed to Customer

1. When a Catering Order is updated, or a Quote is sent to them for Payment, they will receive an email

2. At the top of the updated and Quoted order, they will click on "proceed to Check Out"

Quoted Catering Order

After they click on the link, it will take them to a simplified checkout process for them to apply the payment to the updated order.

Note: They may need to sign in to their account to apply saved payment methods

3. Click on "Check Out"

4. Click on "Continue to Next Step"

5. Update any Special Instructions for the Catering Order

6. Add Tip and click on "Continue to Next Step"

7. Add Payment information and click on "Place Order"

8. The quoted Catering Order will be resubmitted to the Order Dashboard for date, time and location it is to be made.

Note: The guest along with Catering Order Email recipients will receive a new Order Confirmation email.

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