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LB 2.0 Catering: Adding Confirmation Order to Calendar
LB 2.0 Catering: Adding Confirmation Order to Calendar
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Set up an email to receive Catering Confirmation Orders

Step 1.1: Navigate to the New Admin Dashboard ➝ Operate ➝ Location ➝ Select the Location

Step 1.2: Add an E-mail Address for Orders

Step Step 1.3: Hit save at the bottom of the page.

Add Confirmed Catering Orders to the Calendar

All catering confirmation orders will be sent to the registered email and can now be added to the calendar.


  1. This feature is limited to catering service types.

  2. Only registered emails will receive the order confirmation.

  3. This feature can only be enabled for specific clients by the Lunchbox Onboarding Team.

Step 2.1: Go to the registered email inbox and click to open the email received with the confirmed order

Step 2.2: Confirm to make sure everything looks correct. If the restaurant has any questions about the customer's order, it should contact the customer directly, not Lunchbox.

Step 2.3: The 'add-to-calendar' links with icons appear at the bottom of the catering confirmation email. Select the email provider ( as seen above) to continue.

Step 2.4: Once an email provider has been selected, a calendar event window will pop up with the default following information:

2.4.1 Title: will describe the order number, service type, customer name, telephone number, and company name. The example below is for Google Calendar. For example:

2.4.2. Start and end dates and times: The pickup or delivery time in the local time zone.

2.4.3. Location: The delivery location for delivery orders or blank for pickup orders.

2.4.4. Description: By default, it will be Blank; any other necessary information can be added as needed.

Step 2.5: Once the invite is saved, it will appear on the calendar. Edit the invite by clicking it and selecting the pencil button.

2.5.1. Add other emails to the invite under "add guest." Hit 'send' to ensure your changes were saved.

2.5.2. To share it with another cal, manually add others to the invite or set up a Gmail automation to automatically forward the invites


Any changes to the order will NOT reflect on the calendar

  • If an order is canceled, the cal invite will have to be manually canceled

  • If an order is adjusted (e.g., pickup time or date), add the new invite to the new confirmation email and delete the old calendar invite

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