Web Ordering Overview

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The Lunchbox Web Ordering platform is a completely branded online ordering experience for our restaurant partners that lives as a direct link built into the customer's website:




  • Lunchbox builds a consistently branded ordering site that mirrors each brand's guidelines. This links directly from their main website for easy access to online ordering.
  • We take the brand guideline that each brand provides us and use their typography, colors, and iconography that is unique to them.
  • The Lunchbox Point of Sale integration brings all of their locations into a single online experience and the guest can easily find the closest location available to them.
  • All menu items and the sections are linked directly to the POS so there’s no duplicate effort/work to manage the menu. We also pull all modifiers (forced or otherwise) that may apply to each menu item
  • When a guest is ready to check out, they are able to log in or sign up to provide their information (and address for delivery) to submit payment and submit their order.
    • NOTE: Every guest will be verified by phone to avoid duplicate accounts
  • If the brand allows for loyalty and/or has available promos, they can be applied before final checkout. A guest can easily re-order any previous orders right from their cart after logging in. 
  • In addition to traditional "ASAP Ordering", brands may also set up and allow for their guests to order ahead, which lets them order days in advance or before the location opens.

Guests can order on the web platforms right from their mobile devices or phone as well. Lunchbox’s web ordering platforms are mobile dynamic and enable the guest to order from any device.

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