Override Hours

Use Override Hours to schedule Holiday Hours or temporary closures

1. Select Override Hours

Override Hours can be applied at a local or global by selecting or de-selecting a location

2. View Override Hours

If there are any Override Hours created for a location or on a global level, they would be visible as soon as you select Override Hours.

3. Create Override Hours

To create Override Hours on a local level, click "+Set Local Override Hours".

If no location is selected this will show "+Set Global Override Hours"

4. Select Date or Date Range

When the Override Hours editor opens, select the date or date range you would like to apply override hours for.

5. Select Menu

Similar to Menu Hours, Override Hours need to be applied to a menu to allow for increased flexibility.

6. Select Date

Select the date for the Override Hours. If you are creating Override Hours for a date range, select the start and end date.

7. Select Times

Select whether you want to close for entire day or use a different start (open late) and/or end time (close early).

8. Save New Override Hours

When you applied the above information, click "Save" to put your Override Hours into effect.

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