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Call Center / Command Center FAQ
Call Center / Command Center FAQ
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1. What's the difference between the Call Center and Command Center?

The Call Center is only available on the Old Admin (Novidine) platform. Restaurants can have customers reach out to knowledgeable agents equipped with menu knowledge who are ready to place orders and answer any questions.

The Command Center will be a new and revamped version of the Call Center and will be available on the 2.0 New Dashboard Platform (est. Q3 2024). It will entail the Call Center functionalities and also be used by restaurants as a search resource to find users' history and place customized online orders, such as quoted catering orders.

2. How does the Call Center handle the ordering process?

Restaurants enrolled in Lunchbox's Call Center have their business phone number associated with an international 1-800 number. When Guests call the number, an authorized staff member can take the guest’s phone order for delivery, pickup, or catering.

Step 1: A guest calls the phone number associated with your location’s Call Center

Step 2: A staff member picks up and places the order for the guest.

Step 3: The guest receives a confirmation email for their order, which is directed to the POS like an online order.

3. Are the Call Center agents familiar with our menu offerings, including seasonal specials or promotions?

Yes, our call center agents are extensively trained to be familiar with the menu offerings, including any seasonal specials or promotions for the restaurants enrolled in Lunchbox's Call Center. They can accurately describe menu items to customers and provide recommendations if needed over the phone.

4. Can clients place customized orders through the Call Center to their customers?

Absolutely! Our clients can use the Command (Call) Center to place customized orders for their customers. The platform allows clients to accommodate their customers' preferences, including selecting toppings and modifiers and adding any special instructions.

5. How does the Call Center handle payment processing? Do they have secure systems in place to handle credit card transactions?

Lunchbox utilizes secure systems to handle the payment process and all credit card transactions. Our call center agents are trained to answer the most frequently asked questions, follow strict protocols to safeguard sensitive financial information, and comply with industry standards and regulations to maintain the highest level of security.

6. Will the Call Center collect accurate customer delivery information, including addresses and contact numbers?

Yes. Our call center collects accurate customer delivery information, including addresses and contact numbers. When customers place orders over the phone, our agents record and verify all necessary details provided by the customer, including the delivery address and contact phone number. They are trained to minimize errors or discrepancies. Our order management system is also designed to store and organize customer information securely, allowing agents to access and retrieve it easily when fulfilling orders.

7. How will they handle special delivery instructions or requests?

If there are any special requirements or requests, customers can inform our Call Center agents during the ordering process, and we'll take care of the rest.

8. What is the process for confirming orders through the Call Center?

After a customer places an order with one of our agents, the agent reviews the order details with the customer to ensure accuracy. Once all details are confirmed, the agent provides the customer with the order summary. Once the customer confirms the order, it is forwarded to the restaurant for preparation and delivery. Lunchbox is integrated with the store's kitchen and delivery operations, allowing for real-time transmission of order details.

9. How does the Call Center handle requests for order modifications or cancellations?

If a customer needs to modify or cancel their order after it has been placed, they can contact our call center and speak with one of our agents.

10. How does the Call Center handle customer inquiries, complaints, or orders-related issues?

Depending on the nature of the inquiry or issue, our call center agents may handle it directly by providing information or offering solutions. For more complex issues or complaints, our agents may escalate the matter to their supervisor or manager for further assistance and resolution. You can also reach out to [email protected] if you need further assistance.

11. Can customers track their orders through the Call Center?

Yes. Customers can call our Call Center and provide their order details, such as the order number or phone number associated with the order. Our agents will then be able to provide information on the current status of the order, including whether it has been processed, prepared, or out for delivery.

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