Menus Panel
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The Menus panel is where you can build your entire menu.



Step 1: Click the Categories tab to add your menu items.

Step 2: Click Add New Category to Your Menu.

Step 3: Add an image of your menu item.

Step 4: Give your category a name.

Step 5: Give your category a description.

Step 6: Click Save.

You will see your entire menu laid out for you by category. You can click Preview Your Menu at the top left to preview what it looks like on your site.

Add-On Groups


Step 1: Click the Add On Groups tab

Step 2: Click Create New Add on Group

Step 3: Add your Add on Group Name. You can click to choose if it’s an internal name or hide it from the menu.

Step 4: Choose Add On Group Type.

Step 5: Choose if the Add On Group is optional or mandatory.

Step 6: Click Save.



Search your available menu items in this search bar.

For more details on creating your menu, visit our Guide to Creating Menus.

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