How to Create a Coupon
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To create a coupon in Lunchbox Essential, go to Marketing in the menu bar.

Click the Coupon Codes tab.

In this tab, you can offer coupon codes to your customers.


Step 1

Click the ‘Create Coupon Codes’ button on the top left.


Step 2

Enter your coupon code. You can also auto-generate one.


Step 3

Enter your coupon code details. You can either select fixed type or percent. You can also set a minimum order amount for your customers.


Step 4

Decide when to expire your coupon code (or not). You can choose whether it’s date-wise, usage-wise, or a combination of both.


Step 5

You can customize your coupon codes even further with extra settings. You can:

  • Apply your coupon for certain order channels.

  • Apply your coupon for certain customers.

  • Apply your coupon for certain categories or items.

  • Change the status of your coupon.

  • Decide if your customers can combine this coupon with others.

Step 6

Click the Save Coupon button.

For more details, visit the Guide to Coupons.

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