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(LB 1.0) Native Ordering - Delivery Radii (Toast)
(LB 1.0) Native Ordering - Delivery Radii (Toast)
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Native Ordering - Delivery Radii

The delivery radii are set up to allow orders within a certain radius to flow into Toast.

NOTE: If these two radii do not match from Toast to the admin dashboard you run the risk of taking orders outside of the boundary which can lead to delivery partners refusing to deliver the order due to it being outside of the agreed-upon territory. There can also be integration issues because Toast is set to refuse orders outside of the delivery boundary that has been set inside of the Toast platform.

Native Ordering - Delivery Radii - Toast

Step 1: In order to adjust the delivery radii the restaurant partner from the Toast Admin Dashboard must navigate to Other Setup > Takeout / Delivery. Note: If delivery is not toggled on, certain delivery settings will not appear.


Step 2: Then scroll down to the bottom until you reach the Delivery Area. You can start drawing delivery radii by clicking the red pins or adding more by clicking on the map. Then hit Save & Publish.


Step 3: This information will import to Lunchbox by performing a location sync.

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