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Alcohol Tagging for Delivery
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Alcohol Tagging for Delivery

When delivering an order via last-mile, it is important to indicate which menu items in the delivery contain alcohol for regulatory purposes. Tagging an item as alcohol allows for the last-mile delivery partner to ask for things such as ID and perform age verification.

Our integrations with Uber, DoorDash and Dispatch handle alcohol indication should menu items be tagged the appropriate way.

You can tag these menu items as containing alcohol in the following ways for Lunchbox 1.0 and 2.0:

Lunchbox 1.0

Indicate an item contains alcohol by navigating to the menu item, selecting Dietary Restrictions and adding the Contains Alcohol tag to the item.

Lunchbox 2.0

You can follow the instructions for adding item classes here - Link

In order to indicate a menu item contains alcohol, turn on the is_alcohol class for the menu item.

How Last Mile Receives

The original ticket for indicating alcohol for last-mile delivery can be found here - Link

For more information on how we are sending the alcohol items to last-mile, you can read the brief descriptions below:

  • DoorDash: The item in the order is marked with contains alcohol, contactless delivery is turned off, and if undeliverable the order will return to the sender.

  • Uber Eats: The item is set with an item type of "alcohol" and Uber handles the rest.

  • Lunchbox Delivery Dispatch: The item is marked as alcohol and it requires age verification on delivery.

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