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FlyBuy Curbside Configuration
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FlyBuy Curbside Configuration

Table of Contents

Lunchbox Configuration

Turning on Flybuy integration in Lunchbox

Step 1: Submit a Clickup ticket to ENG for them to turn on the Integration

  • Title: Turn on Flybuy integration {restaurantName}<locationName>

    • For: Yvan Pangilinan

    • Due Date: Should be the following Tues or Thursday

    • Description: Please configure Flybuy integration for {restaurantName}<locationName>

      • Anticipated Launch Date: {mm/dd/yyyy}

      • Chain URL:

    • Client Escalation: Support, Onboarding or Migration

Ticket Example:

Turning on the Check-in for the Service Type

Step 1: Click on Menus

Step 2: Click on Service Types

Step 3: Click on Create a New Service Type

Click on Create a New Service Type

Step 4: Type the name of the Service Type in the 'Service Type Name'

Step 5: Type the customer-facing name of the service type in the 'Display Name' field

Step 6: Check off "Is Visible"

Step 7: Scroll Down and Select "Save"

Step 8: Click on Service Types

Click on addnew

Step 9: Click on the Service Type you just added

Click on Service Types

Step 10: Under the section "Status", check "Approved" and scroll down and click "Save Changes" towards the bottom of the page.

Step 11: Then go back up and Click "Enabled" under "Status" and scroll down and check off the payment processing option(s) and click "Save Changes".

Please note: ALL forms of payment processing must be checked off. In the instance below, only Vantiv Worldpay is checked off as it is the only option.

**These 2 boxes ("Approved" and "Enabled") cannot be checked off simultaneously and need to be checked off and saved in 2 separate steps!**

Step 12: Scroll down to the section "Order Handling" and Check off "Allow Check-in"

Step 13: Click on "Save Changes"

Step 14: Complete Steps 8 - 13 for all locations.

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