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2l - Setup Up Your Order Auto Fire Device
2l - Setup Up Your Order Auto Fire Device
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In order for orders sent through the Lunchbox API to automatically fire in the POS it is important to ensure that your order autofire device is turned on and logged in. Let’s begin by setting the autofire device in the Toast Admin portal.


  • You cannot have more than one autofire device assigned per store.

  • We do not support any Use rules logic assigned to the autofire device.

  • Orders will not send to the kitchen automatically if approval mode is set to Approve Manually.

  • We cannot control this behavior separately for catering and in-store ordering using Toast Auto Fire Device Settings.

Configuring Your Order Auto Fire Device

Step 1: On the Toast Admin Dashboard navigate to Takeout & Delivery then select Online Ordering.

Step 2: Navigate to the Approval header and select Send orders directly to the kitchen as your approval method for online orders, you will then be prompted to select an auto-firing device.

Step 3: Select the device and then click Update to continue.

NOTE: Your selected device will appear next to Current Selection.

Step 4: Select Save and Publish to finalize your changes.

Important! The following can cause orders to not close in the POS.

  1. Order Auto-Firing must be enabled on exactly one device (not in any device groups) at your restaurant. See Device Setup on the tablet home screen. DO NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE AUTOFIRE DEVICE ASSIGNED.

  2. Auto-fire device (Cash Register) should not be included in a device group. This can cause issues with receiving orders. Changing this setting can only occur in store on the specific device itself. Remove the autofire device from the device group by going to the Device Setup>Scroll down to Device Group page>Select None>Click Save from that device.

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