Customer Support Overview
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Customer Support Overview

We are available every day from 8 AM to 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), 7 days a week!


Running into challenges with reporting, ordering, guest experience, navigating the dashboard or simply have a question? Never fear Lunchbox is here! Hop into our help center or contact a live support agent to help solve the problem via email or our chatbot!

Email Support

Our support team is powered by Intercom and responds to emails within 30 minutes to help you with any of your customer support needs. Email [email protected] for assistance.

CC multiple email addresses to your initial support email and those CCd parties will receive the response to the Intercom ticket. If you forget to cc someone, don’t worry, you can cc them on the next response and they will be added to the ticket.

While we do not offer phone support, you can easily reach out to us through email. If you require assistance outside of our operating hours, you can still send us an email. We will address your concerns as soon as we are back online.

Best Practices

The following is a list of suggestions when submitting a ticket. The more detail you can add to the request the better.

  • Restaurant and store # they are affiliated with

  • The platform they have a concern with

    • Web (Browser - whenever possible)

    • App (Phone Type - whenever possible)

    • Admin Dashboard (Section or Tab of the Dashboard - whenever possible)

  • Short but precise issue description.

  • Screenshots (whenever possible)

Lunchbox Help Center


All restaurant partners are given access to the Lunchbox Help Center which provides a number of helpful resource articles to help you manage your brand. Share these resources with your managers and other stakeholders involved with your online ordering experience so they have the documentation they need. Visit often to learn more.

Live Chat

At the bottom right-hand corner of the help center is a support chat where you can live chat with an agent who can assist you with your concern.

Note: You can start a conversation with Elby, our AI Virtual Agent questions and it will suggest articles from the help center.


You can only reach out to live chat if it is within support hours. Otherwise, it asks you to leave a message which will convert into an email.

Additional email addresses cannot be cc’d from the live chat feature. If you need to keep more people in the loop email [email protected]


  • What do I do if I haven’t received a response to my ticket?
    Don’t hesitate to reply to the email you originally sent this will add to the ticket you have already opened.

  • How often should I follow up on my ticket?
    We are hard at work addressing your concern. Follow-ups can be sent to the Intercom email thread and we will do our best to help provide a status.

  • Will Lunchbox notify me once the issue has been resolved?
    Yes. If you did not see a response, please reply back to the original email chain or directly on Intercom.

  • What do I do if my request is not currently something Lunchbox offers?
    Submit a Product Enhancement Request through Canny! Canny is where you can add your feature requests to help Lunchbox grow!

  • Why did my ticket close?
    If a Lunchbox Support Agent has sent you a question and you don’t reply within seven consecutive days the ticket will close automatically and send you an email. If your issue was not solved simply reply to that email to continue the conversation..

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