Web Design: Custom Popup
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Add a custom pop-up to your online ordering when guests access the Locations page

Enable Custom Popup

You can create a custom pop-up that will be display to your users upon page load

*denotes required field

Header* - displayed at the top of the popup message that provides a brief summary or context for the message.

Body* - the main content area of the popup message that provides detailed information or instructions to the user.

Show Once - control how often your guests see this message

Creating a Custom Popup

  1. Click on Web

Click on Web
  1. Click on Custom Popup

Click on Custom Popup
  1. Toggle On Enable Custom Popup

Toggle On Enable Custom Popup
  1. Input desired Header copy

Input desired Header copy
  1. Input desired Body copy

Input desired Body copy
  1. Toggle on Show Once (optional)

Toggle on Show Once (optional)
  1. Click on Save

Click on Save

SUCCESS! You have successfully updated your Custom Popup

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