Order Throttling
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Order Throttling Overview

Lunchbox Order throttling helps your restaurant control the flow of orders that are being sent through the Lunchbox Enterprise Dashboard by Service Type at the Global or Store level. Read below to learn more.

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Lunchbox’s Order Throttling feature allows you to adjust order ready time based on the number of orders submitted for that time frame. This is the maximum number or maximum dollar amount of orders that the system will submit before preventing new orders from being placed for the same time period. This can be done by Service Type at the Global or Store level.

For Example, during peak hours or a surprise rush, it may be necessary to slow down or limit the number of online orders that you receive. Throttling orders allows you to set a maximum number of orders or a maximum dollar amount of orders that can be received in a given time frame.

Note: Order throttling only takes into account orders that are taken through the Enterprise Dashboard. We do not take into account in store orders unless they are placed and processed through the Enterprise Dashboard.

Set Order Throttling Rules

To add an Order Throttling Rule (Global or Local):

Step 1: Select the Order Throttling Rules subtab from the Order Processing Tab

Step 2: Choose the appropriate subtab (Global or Local)

  • Global Rules adds a throttling rule for all locations

  • Local Rules adds a throttling rule for a specific location

Step 3: Select the appropriate Service Type that you wish to create a rule for from the drop-down

Step 4: Enter the Maximum Order criteria based on your preferences (enter at least one or both):

  • Maximum Sales $ (maximum amount of sales for the chosen service type in the specified time frame)

  • Maximum # Orders (maximum amount of total online orders for the chosen service type in the specified time frame)

Note: If Max Sales $ and Max # Orders are both set, the time slot should be unavailable if EITHER condition is met.

Step 5: Enter the Interval in Minutes (the number of minutes that correspond with the service type and maximum orders in the previous steps)

Step 6: Click Add...Rule next to the appropriate section

Note: The rule that you just set up will now be displayed under the appropriate section - Global or Local.

Step 7: Repeat the above steps for each Order Throttling Rule that you wish to create

Note: The Global Throttling Rules will only be available for adding, editing, and/or deleting by users with Chain Admin access.


  • Does Order Throttling include orders that are placed via in-store ordering or non-Lunchbox order aggregation?

No. Order Throttling currently only takes into account orders that are placed through Lunchbox. You will need to take order external order volume into account when you set up these throttling rules. We recommend looking at your non-lunchbox order volume trends in relation to your lunchbox order volume trends to calculate this number.

  • Can I use order throttling hours for a specific Holiday?

Yes you can! This can be completed using a timeslot specific to the holiday which can then be assigned to an order throttling rule.

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