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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Customer Ordering Tab Overview

The Customer Ordering Tab is pre-selected as the default Call Center Home Page. This is what you will use to place an order for a customer that calls in.

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Need to place or edit an order for a customer? The Customer Ordering Tab is the place to do it!

Starting An Order

Step 1: See if the customer is already registered in the system and look them up by entering any of the following information.

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Fax Number

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company Name

  • Order ID

Step 2: Once you’ve entered one of the following criteria, click Search:

Step 3: If the customer is already registered, their information will show below the search fields and you can select Start Order next to their name to begin the order:

Note: If you do not find an order under History for the customer, it could be that the customer never fully checked out. The History button on the initial search result page doesn’t show incomplete or partially paid orders. If you don’t initially find an order for a customer, try clicking Start Order, and then Open Orders. If you see the order there and the button says Resume, you know it’s not fully checked out.

Once you’ve found or registered the customer and clicked Start Order, it’s time to populate the order with all necessary information.

Step 4: Select the Type of Order the customer would like to place. These options may vary based on the options available at that location and/or restaurant group:

Step 5: Select the Ready Time for the order (When does the customer want their order?):

  • ASAP - Check the box next to ASAP

  • Specific Time - Select the corresponding boxes for the Hour, Minute, and Date that the customer wants to have their order ready. If the customer is placing a future order, use the Other Date field and select the date from the pop-up calendar

Step 6: Enter a PO Number for On-Account orders and/or Guest Count for Catering Orders, if applicable:

Step 7: Place the order for the guest with all of the details they have provided for the order.

Additional Info regarding Starting an Order for a guest:

  • The same menu populates with same descriptors and modifiers

  • You can create and have special Call Center menus available

  • You can save an order as a favorite for a guest

  • You can save order as a quote meaning the order gets sent to the guest’s email and they can finish paying or editing the order on their own

  • You can create and have special Call Center promos

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