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Company Settings in Admin Dashboard

Lunchbox's Admin Dashboard provides flexibility and features that allow you to customize the experience for your business and your guests. Within the Admin Dashboard settings menu item is an option that allows you to update your company settings as needed.


Updating Your Settings within Admin Dashboard's Settings

Step 1: To update your company settings, navigate to the Settings drop-down menu and select Settings.



Step 2: The Settings page provides all available features that you can use to customize options on-demand. Each option can be expanded (by clicking on the item) to reveal additional details on each of their editable features.


NOTE: Always remember to click Save to confirm your changes!


Settings Features

  • ASAP Ordering: Toggles exist for Dine In, Pickup, Delivery, and Kiosk. Activating (blue) the toggle sets the default setting for all locations in the restaurant group where any toggle that is gray in color is in an Inactive state (i.e., not available).


NOTE: In order to update the ASAP Ordering setting for a specific location, go to the Location Page to override.

  • Order Minimums: This allows you to set the minimum cash amount allowed for the following types: Standard Delivery, Catering Delivery, Standard Pickup, and Catering Pickup.


  • Lead Times: This allows you to set the lead time (in minutes) for the following types: Standard Delivery, Catering Delivery, Standard Pickup, and Catering Pickup.


  • Service Estimates: This allows you to set the service estimates (in minutes) for the following types: Prep Time, Delivery Time, Threshold Amount, and Minutes Increment.


  • Order in Advance: This allows you to set how far into the future an order can be placed (in days).


  • Order Throttling: This allows you to set the order throttling feature for either Standard or Catering types. Within each type is the ability to set the Delivery Count, Pickup Count, Delivery $ Amount, and Pickup $ Amount


  • Tip to POS: This allows you to determine whether any of the following options are activated (blue) or deactivated (gray): Catering Delivery, Catering Pickup, Delivery, Dine In, and Pickup.


  • Payment Methods: This allows you to set what payment methods are accepted by your business, including Cash, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Any items with the toggle blue indicates that the payment method is accepted, but if the toggle is gray, it indicates that the payment method is not accepted.


  • Media: This allows you to set specific media for your business. You can set the Restaurant Banner, Icon, Logo, Thumbnail, Selected Icon, and Unselected Icon.


  • POS Agnostic: This allows you to set various POS Agnostic settings as needed by your business, which includes Menu Entities Create, Menu Entities Edit, Discount Create, and Discount Edit. If the toggle is gray, the feature is inactive; if the toggle is blue, the feature is active.



NOTE: If you choose All Locations at the top of the Settings page and make updates to your company settings, this will influence the settings for all locations within the organization. However, if you set different location-specific settings, those will override the company settings for that location only.





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