App Ordering Overview

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The Lunchbox App Ordering platform is a completely branded online ordering experience for our restaurant partners that lives as an application through IOS or Android so their customers can order directly from their mobile device:





  • Lunchbox takes all of the brand guidelines and builds a beautiful app for their guests to download, use for ease of ordering, build loyalty and deliver marketing updates (using the Culture Hub) right from the power of their mobile device.
  • The Home Page on the brand's app can host a carousel of images or marketing updates.
  • From there, the guest can order following the same flow as the web ordering but optimized for iOS or Android.
  • The guest can gain and Redeem Loyalty and use the app to Scan To Pay (if the brand allows) in-store for pickup orders.
  • The guest can track the status of their orders easily and add payment methods for easy checkout.

There are many exciting things that can be done by utilizing App Ordering by Lunchbox. Find out more!



  • Fully customized design to match the brand's typography, iconography, and color scheme.
  • Provides a 1st party ordering platform for the brand.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for guest accounts.
  • Mobile Solution.
  • Increased Marketing Opportunities (Marketing Carousel & Content Hub).
  • Guests can purchase digital gift cards via the mobile app.
  • View and manage loyalty/rewards.
  • Scan-to-Pay or Scan-for-Rewards are available via QR Code on the mobile app.
  • Push notifications can be sent to guests with the mobile app.



  • Not available for dine-in orders and/or Pocket Kiosk functionality 
  • Apple Pay only works on iOS devices for the mobile app and Google Pay only works on Andriod devices for the mobile app
  • Regarding Split Hours, we can only set one range of operating hours per location, per day.
  • Regarding Dining Hours (with Order Ahead), due to the way Dining Hours functions, the use of ordering ahead allows for items to be ordered from a time when the items may not be available.
  • Combo Discounts are a type of discount on POS that Lunchbox cannot currently perform.
  • Auto-apply Discounts are a type of discount on POS that Lunchbox cannot currently perform.


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