Updating or Deleting Admins for your Organization

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mceclip0.pngUpdating or Deleting Admins Feature

Within the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard is the ability to update an Admin for your organization or delete an Admin from your organization. It provides flexibility in ensuring that you have the proper individual(s) in the Admin role for your business.


Updating an Admin

Step 1: Start by selecting the Admins tab on the right side of the menu. You will see a collection of names listed previously created. The Search For Admins section allows you to filter information by First Name, Last Name, and/or Email.



Step 2: Select the Admin (from the list) that you would like to update. A form from the right side of the screen will appear. This form is a similar form used to create all the previous admins for your organization.



Step 3: Update any of the following criteria needed and select the Save button to make the adjustments permanent.



Deleting an Admin

This form also gives you access to deleting this Admin if needed (Reference the Updating an Admin section, Step 1-2).

Step 1: On the bottom right screen of the Edit Admin form is a Delete button. Select the Delete button to remove this admin from your organization permanently.




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