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Apps are a key part of a restaurant's digital operations. App users spend more and order more often than regular web or 3rd party users.

Best Practices:

Apps need users. We recommend accompanying the launch of the app product with a marketing campaign to drive users. See our webinar on performance marketing - do promo codes even work?


How does utilizing this feature benefit the restaurant partner?

  • No more 30% fees are charged by the UberEats and DoorDash of the world.

  • App users order more items more often compared to their equivalent web users.

  • Apps are easier to order from - faster order time

  • Once a client downloads an app, it becomes part of their habits.

Restaurant Experience / Configuration Steps / Navigation Process:

How would the Restaurant Partner go about setting up this feature?

Create Account

To access a customer's data and market to them effectively, we need them to create an account. In the Lunchbox Enterprise platform, this is an easy process.

  1. Open the app and tap the Sign In button on the top right corner

2. Tap on the sign-up button


Users can also log in to their Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts. Tapping these buttons takes the users to the respective Apple, Google, or Facebook login.

3. Land on the account creation page

4. User fills out forms, and the save button turns green

5. User then verifies their email

Once they verify, the account is created, and an order can be placed.

Add to Cart

  1. Select pickup or delivery, order time, and store on the location details screen

2. Lan on the menu screen and tap on a menu item

3. Fill out the mandatory fields on the Menu Item Details Screen

4. Tap Add to Cart and Continue to the Cart Screen - review cart items, add promo codes, modify or remove any items

5. Tap Checkout and Go to Checkout Screen information auto-populates for returning users. New or guest users must input this information manually

6. Tap Place Order and Land on the Order Confirmation Page

If you have a specific scenario that you feel we do not address, please reach out to your CSM to schedule a call with someone from the product team so that we can fully understand your restaurant/organization's specific needs.

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