Guide to Promos and Ads
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How Can You Use a Promotion or Advertisement


Promotions and advertisements are great to get the word out about your restaurant or even a new menu item. You can include them in emails or even on your social media. Promotions and advertisements are also great to get new customers to try out your restaurant.

Learn more about Facebook ads and how you can use them for your restaurant here.

How to Set Up Promos + Ads

Before you set up a promotion or advertisement you should think about what you want to drive your customer to on your ordering platform. Do you want them to try a new menu item or maybe visit your new location? Having a game plan ahead of time will help drive down costs and time on creating these promotions. This is all accessible in your marketing panel.

To see a step-by-step guide on how to create promos and ads in Lunchbox Essential, click here.

Promotions or Advertisement Examples

Here are some examples of different kinds of promotions or advertisements:

  • Adding a cheeseburger to their cart prompts them to add fries + a drink

  • Show appetizers as an add-on when they go to check out

  • Show drinks as an add-on when they go to check out

  • Adding a kid's meal prompts them to add a dessert to their cart

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