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Guide to Loyalty Programs
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What are Loyalty Programs?


Loyalty Programs are a great way to treat your most loyal or frequent customers. Usually they come in the form of a punch card or account on your website/app. When a customer buys a certain item or buys anything from your restaurant they will get a point or reward added to their account. This will eventually accumulate to whatever amount redeemable for a prize.

Check out more info on loyalty programs here.

How to Set Up a Loyalty Program

Before you set up an actual loyalty program in your marketing panel, you should decide on how you want your loyalty program to operate. Do you want all customers to be able to get points, or do you only want certain menu items to be in the loyalty prgram. Some places only have their coffee or juice on a loyalty program, while other restaurants count all purchases towards their loyalty program. It is also good to consider how your customers use your products and which items off your menu they are already buying. Here is a great guide to see how you can learn from your customers buying habits.

To see a step-by-step guide on how to create a loyalty program in Lunchbox Essential, click here.

Loyalty Program Examples

Here are some examples of different kinds of loyalty programs you can have:

  • Buy 10 pizzas get the 11th one free

  • On your fourth visit, get 20% off your order

  • When you reach 400 points, you can choose one item off the menu for free

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