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How to Create a Loyalty Program
How to Create a Loyalty Program
Updated over a week ago

To create a loyalty program in Lunchbox Essential, go to Marketing in the menu bar.

Click the Loyalty Programs tab.

In this tab, you can offer loyalty programs to your customers.


Step 1

Click the ‘Create Loyalty Program Now’ button.


Step 2

Enter your loyalty title and description. You can see a quick preview of your discount.


Step 3

Enter your loyalty program rules. You can set a minimum spending amount or set the percentage of their total order that customers will earn as loyalty points. You can modify the minimum loyalty points amount the customers have to collect to use them. You can create pre-defined loyalty points options for your customers to select by clicking ‘Add New’.


Step 4

Decide when to expire your loyalty program (or not). You can choose whether it’s date-wise, usage-wise, or a combination of both.


Step 5

You can customize your loyalty program even further with extra settings. You can:

  • Apply your loyalty program for certain order channels.

  • Apply your loyalty program for certain customers.

  • Apply your loyalty program for certain categories or items.

  • Change the status of your loyalty program.

  • Decide if your customers can combine this loyalty program with other discounts.

Step 6

Click the Save Loyalty Program button.

For more details, visit the Guide to Loyalty Programs.

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