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(LB 1.0) Assign the Lunchbox Job Code to Multiple Locations in Toast
(LB 1.0) Assign the Lunchbox Job Code to Multiple Locations in Toast
Updated over a week ago

Assign The Job Code to Multiple Locations

Step 1: From the top of the Toast Admin Dashboard click the Location dropdown and go location by location to add the Job Code.


Step 2: Scroll down to Labor > Employees.


Step 3: Once you have found the employee Lunchbox Vendor_Integration click the Small Pen Icon to the right of the name.


Step 4: Go to the Jobs and Permissions tab and check off the Job Title that was created.


Step 5: Scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes Button


NOTE: Anytime you make any change on the Point of Sale system, make sure to Publish the changes using Publish Configuration. If you are making a bunch of changes, you can simply save and publish to all of the affected locations after all of the changes are complete. When making menu changes be sure to publish those changes to all affected locations before pulling a menu sync on Lunchbox.

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