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(LB 1.0) Toast Item Availability: 86 Items From Toast!
(LB 1.0) Toast Item Availability: 86 Items From Toast!
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Feature Description

In this article, we'll discuss how to set up menu items and modifiers to automatically be marked as unavailable based on the availability selected at the Toast POS level. We discuss what needs to be set up in the Lunchbox Admin Admin Dashboard to start pulling over this menu information for our Toast partners so they can simply remove or "86" menu items and modifiers inside of Toast instead of the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.

Feature Content

Toast Stock API Request

If your Toast API Integration was not initially configured to include stock API access, you will need to reach out to your Toast Representative to allow Lunchbox access to your Toast Data Set for Stock API. Below is an example of that initial email sent to Toast. You will only need to include Stock API in the email if everything else is already configured:


Lunchbox Admin Dashboard Configuration

To start using Toast as your source of truth for marking items as unavailable and effectively removing or "86ing" them from your Lunchbox-powered online menu, you'll need to reach out to support or your Customer Success Manager to turn on permissions for your role to "Update the location availability to be based on the inventory for a menu item". Once that has been set up, you can start checking on items you would like to manage from Toast.

Step 1: Navigate to the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard and log in.

Now that this option has been set up for you by the Lunchbox Team, you can start selecting menu items (and modifiers) that you would like to pull availability updates from Toast when you make them.

Step 2: Navigate to Menu Entities>Menu Items>Item Name and check on "based on Inventory" to start pulling availability status from Toast. Once complete, hit Save:


NOTE: Once this is checked on, you will start seeing "Inventory Level" which will pull directly from Toast and show Out of Stock for items that have been 86'd on the Toast level.

Toast Process: 86 an Item from Toast POS & Toast Backend

If you need to mark a menu item or modifier out of stock in the middle of a rush, use Quick Edit mode on Toast POS to 86 menu items. You can also 86 items for Toast Now from Toast's back-end.

How to 86 an item from the POS

If a menu item or modifier goes out of stock in the middle of a rush, a manager doesn't want to have to go find a computer, log into Toast, and make updates to the menu. Instead, use Quick Edit Mode to 86 something directly on a Toast device.

Step 1: Using a manager passcode, log into any Toast device. On the Order Screen, navigate to, press and hold the menu button or modifier button you would like to 86 to prompt Quick Edit Mode:


Step 2: On the item you want to mark out of stock (86), select the Inventory dropdown and select Out of Stock. Select Done



Step 3: When you look at the item you've 86'd, you'll now see it's unselectable with a zero in the corner:


How to 86 Menu Item or Modifier from Toast's Back-End

If you would like to 86 an item from Toast's back-end instead of directly from the POS device, you can do so by following the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to Menus using the navigation on the left side of your back-end:

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 9.40.30 AM.png

Step 2: Select Advanced Properties:

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 9.39.59 AM.png

Step 3: Select Inventory from the Show/Hide dropdown:


Step 4: From the Inventory column, type the number "0" to 86 the item. In this example, we are 86'ing "Hot Honey Thighs" (1). Select Save (2) and Publish (3) to finalize:


Step 5: To add the item back into inventory, simply delete the "0" zero in the inventory column.

NOTE: If you have enabled future order scheduling for online orders (ordering in advance) and serve limited quantity items on your menu, Toast is unable to reserve those items for future orders. Therefore, if a guest adds a limited quantity item to their cart but another guests orders the last of that item for an ASAP order, Toast is not able to prevent the sale of the item to ensure all future orders can be fulfilled.

You can also 86 a modifier by using the arrow next to an item to access the modifier group and adding a "0" in the Inventory column.

Please see the Toast Central Article for more info.

Workflow for confirming an Item has been 86'd on Lunchbox

Once the configuration has been set up on the Lunchbox Admin Dash and you start 86ing items on Toast, follow these steps for confirming that the changes you have made have been updated on your brand's Lunchbox-powered ordering site and app.

Step 1: Mark the item or modifier as Out of Stock in either the Toast POS or Toast Backend following the directions outlined above.

​Step 2: Navigate to the menu item or modifier in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard and confirm that the item has changed from In Stock to Out of Stock:


Step 3: Confirm that the item is removed from your public, customer-facing site or app (as you can see Hot Honey Thighs will no longer appear as an option once it has been marked Out of Stock):


Step 4: Once the item or modifier is back in stock, don't forget to navigate back to Toast and apply those changes that will reflect and update on the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.


  • Can you set an inventory quantity in Toast instead of just marketing the item as "Out of Stock?"

    • At this time, Lunchbox is unable to pull stock quantities to effectively "count down" items until they are unavailable in Toast and reflect those changes to the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard. Simply put, Lunchbox will only pull In Stock vs Out of Stock.

  • Do these menu changes require a menu sync to be performed by Lunchbox Customer Support?

    • No. Once you've made changes and saved them in Toast, those changes will reflect to Lunchbox within minutes without a menu sync.

  • I don't see the "based on inventory" checkbox? Is there something that needs to be set up by the Lunchbox team?

    • Yes. To start using Toast as your source of truth for marking items as unavailable, you'll need to reach out to support or your Customer Success Manager to configure the following settings for the Admin Roles that should be given the permission to "Update the location availability to be based on the inventory for a menu item":

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