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2l - How to 86 Items & Modifiers (Revel)
2l - How to 86 Items & Modifiers (Revel)
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Let’s learn how to mark an item or modifier out of stock in Revel.

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86'ing from a Revel device

You can set an item (product or ingredient) as unavailable from the point of sale, and set a time in which the item will automatically return to available status. Marking a product or ingredient as unavailable will also prevent the sale of any linked items. If an ingredient is unavailable, any products or modifiers that are linked to that ingredient with a recipe will also be unavailable. If a product is unavailable, it will also be marked unavailable for selection in a combo product.

A new role permission lets you control access to this feature. Stock alerts will still work as usual. The difference is that you will not be able to add unavailable items to orders without override permission (see Management Console permissions for more info).

Management Console: Permissions for Unavailable Items

Before you can enable this feature, you'll need to set up roles for your employees. You can read about creating roles and adding permissions in Employee Rules and Permissions.

When your roles are ready to go:

Step 1: In your Management Console, go to the Employees tab.

Step 2: Click POS Permissions.

Step 3: Find the role that needs permission to use this feature.

Step 4: In the column under that role, find Inventory - Item Availbility Enabling this for a role will allow a user to manage item availability on the POS.

Step 5: In the same column, find Override Add Product Restrictions. A user with this permission will be able to add unavailable items to orders as well as override prompts for users without this permission.

Step 6: Click Save..

Marking Items Unavailable on the Point of Sale

Unavailable items will be grayed out on the point of sale. If a user tries to add an unavailable item to an order and does not have permission to override item unavailability, they will see a prompt for a PIN. A user with the permission Override Add Products Restriction (see Management Console Permissions) can enter a PIN and add the item. If the original user does have override permission, they will see a prompt that allows them to add the item anyway.

Step 1: On the point of sale dashboard, click the gear icon>Manager.

Step 2: On the point of sale dashboard, click the Inventory.

Step 2: Find the item you want to mark unavailable by scrolling, or type the name of the item into the search field and tap Submit to use the search function.

Step 3: Click on the item you want to adjust it’s visibility.

In the pop-up window:

Step 4: Click the Out of Stock button to mark the item as unavailable.

Step 5: To set a time for the item to automatically become available again, tap Set Return Time. Tap Date and then Time to select the day and time for the item to return to availability. You can also simply select the In Stock button when you wish to bring an item back into stock.

Step 6: Press the Done Button.

Step 7: Refresh any child stations to update item status.

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