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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Order Management Overview

This section will show you how to access the Orders Tab in management in order to view, accept and complete orders (non-delivery locations only)

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The Orders Tab

Use the Orders Tab to view, accept and complete orders and enable/disable service types for the day. This is an alternate method to the agent and should only be used temporarily if the agent is down or if you are a fax notification location that needs to access their orders. If your location offers delivery, by clicking the Orders Tab, you will be taken to the Delivery Driver Management System.

The Order Tab shows the status of your location’s orders:

  • Red: Paid, waiting for an acknowledgment. For POS locations, an order would be Red between the time it is placed and the time it is sent to the POS. DO NOT manually accept the order if your location is POS integrated, as it will keep the order from being sent to the POS.

  • Teal: Paid, waiting to be filled. The order has been manually accepted.

  • Yellow: Held until prep time (future order).

  • Orange: There was an error when trying to send the order to the POS. Please see Admin Hold for more information.

  • Green: Sent to POS

NOTE: Orders stuck in a Red, Teal, Yellow, Orange or Green Status will not complete payment. It is important to Accept and complete the orders in Lunchbox Admin to collect payment which will move the orders to Tan.

  • Tan: Paid and filled (complete)

Note: You can click the i icon to navigate to the order details page for the selected order

Admin Hold

Upon request, we can stop trying to send an order to the POS after it errors out a certain number of times (the default is set to 10 times). For example, a customer may want Lunchbox to set it for 10, so if an order errors out going to the POS more than 10 times, we put it in a new status called Admin Hold.

You have the ability to Release the order from Admin Hold via the Orders tab or Order Details tab in Management.

When an order is released, it is restored back to the status it was when it errored out. This gives the POS team the ability to release the order after they’ve fixed the problem, and the order can then go to POS. If an order continues erroring out over and over, it will cause issues in the POS, especially Xpient.

Service Availability

The Service Availability subtab allows for you to quickly and easily disable a Service Type until you are ready to enable it again. To disable/enable a service simply click the disable (red) or enable (green) button to immediately pause the ability for guests to place orders from those Order Types:

Upcoming Future Orders

The Upcoming Future Orders subtab shows all pending orders that have an Order Ready Time that is in the upcoming 7 days:

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