Operate: Locations
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Operate: Locations

Creation Date: July 16, 2023
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The "Locations" tab gives you the ability to make updates and changes to the brand's location information and how it is displayed online to guests.

1. Click on Operate

2. Click on Locations

3. Search or Select the Location

From the Locations page, you can find and select the location to view or use the "Search" or "Sort By" filters.

4. Select the Location

5. View the Location Details

Note: Most often, Location Details are synced from the POS and will be overwritten on the next POS sync.

6. Click on Edit to make changes to the Location Details.

7. Store Info

View and make updates to the location's name, timezone and address.

Note: 2 important things you can update here that won't be overwritten by POS sync is:

  1. Email Address for Orders

  2. Announcement on the location's menu page

8. Contact Info

View and make changes to the contact info such as the Phone Numer that appears to guest.

9. Owner Info

View and make changes to the Owner info which is helpful for Franchises.

10. Configuration Info

View and make changes to the configuration info such as POS type setup, Loyalty Provider, and location status (where you can close a location or make it a test location).

11. Save Changes

Save any changes you've made to the Location's page.

Old 2.0 Admin Instructions: Please refer to this Location Management article.

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