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App info contains basic configuration information about the apps. All values are Build-Time due to OS limitations

App Name:

The name of the app as it will appear on the users home screen and multi-task view. This is separate from the app name in the App Stores, which is used more as a name for the listing. For example, the app name on the App Stores may be “My Restaurant: Eat your way and earn points”, while the app name in the App Info section can be “My Restaurant”. The App Stores name serves as a potential space for SEO and marketing, while the App Info’s app name is what users will see on their device:

Ios Bundle Identifier & Android Package Name:

There are values used by the App Stores to identify the apps. All apps on the App Stores must have unique values, and these values cannot be changed once the listing is published without requiring users to uninstall the previous app and install a new app (on a separate listing) with the new identifiers. As such, this value should usually only be set once when the configuration is first created. It should only be updated if during onboarding it is learned that an app already exists with the chosen identifier, or that the client has an existing app that they would like us to publish our app as a direct update to.

Conventionally, these values are set to com.[tenant] and com.[tenant] It is recommended (by higher powers) that the com.[tenant] portion of the identifier matches with the domain and top-level domain of the brand’s website (I.e. = though this is not strictly necessary.

Android Feature Graphic

Size: 1024x500

File Type: JPG or PNG file types are acceptable

iOS Feature Graphic

There is no feature graphic for iOS

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