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Catering Editor Overview
Catering Editor Overview
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Feature Overview

Catering Editor is a feature within our Catering platform that allows you to create and manage your production sheets. These production sheets serve as a checklist, allowing your staff to see what's included in each order, and how it should be packaged

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Production sheets are an integral part of the catering process because it lays out the components of each order. For example, it is one thing for staff to know a catering order consists of a “Catering Party Pack for 15. It is entirely different for the staff to know this “Catering Party Pack” consists of 15 plates, 15 cups, 5 Tongs, 1 ladle, 60 oz of chicken, 15 buttered rolls, 20 oz of shredded lettuce, and 15 chopped tomatoes.

This level of detail allows your staff to package each order correctly and efficiently.

Best Practices

In order to utilize this feature to the best of your ability ensure the components you create are easily transferable to your menus. The first step in creating a production sheet is creating the components. A component is the name of the item being included in the order. For example, “guacamole” would be a component. Along with this component comes the category it falls under (food), the packaging (plastic container), packaging size (1 lb), and if there is a minimum quantity amount. Leveraging the Catering Editor allows you to organize and define the components of your menu.

Once these components are made they will be attached to a menu item to create a packing list. Ensure your menu items are up to date with how they correspond to the components to ensure your production sheet and packing lists are correct.

Components are always editable as your menu and menu items change. When updating a component you can place a test order to ensure your updates were successfully saved.


Catering Editor provides you and your staff the independence of being able to pack the correct components need per catering order in a streamlined and organized manner.

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