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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Command Center (formerly Call Center) Overview

For your convenience, Lunchbox includes a Command Center module.

The Command Center is a powerful tool allowing your staff to manually place orders for guests, edit orders, a customer lookup, view guest order history, save an order as a quote, and view all placed orders. This can be done on all Service Types and for Multiple Locations, utilizing Lunchbox’s location finder and POS integration.

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This guide will show you how to access the Command Center and it’s features, look up an existing customer, register a new customer, and place an order for a customer.

A guest calls into the phone number associated with your location’s Command Center→a staff member picks up and places the order for the guest→the guest receives a confirmation email for their order→orders are directed to the POS in the same manner an online order would take place.

You can associate a 1-800 number or your location’s phone number with the Command Center. When a guest calls this number an authorized staff member will be able to take the guest’s phone order. This feature can be set up for multiple locations and Lunchbox’s location finder and POS integration will be able to connect the order with the correct location.

Guest Experience

The guest will call the number you provide on your website or receipt in order to access the Command Center. If you have multiple locations, each location can have their own phone number to associate with the Command Center.

Accessing the Command Center

Step 1: Click the account icon in the top right corner of your site:

Step 2: Login with your management account credentials:

Step 3: Click the gear icon in the top right corner that displays after successful login, which will open your Management Dashboard in a new tab:

Step 4: Click on Command Center at the top left of the management page:

Step 5: The Command Center Home Page will display with the 4 main tabs across the top:

  • Customer Ordering: Customer Lookup to start an order, see their history and edit their account

  • Restaurants: Navigate to a specific Restaurant location Command Center

  • Order Dashboard: See all active & Pending Orders

  • Main Site: Navigate back to your Restaurant’s Main Site options

Main Site Dropdown

The Main Site Dropdown gives you a drop-down box with the following options:

  • Home: returns you to your customer-facing Order Site URL

  • Manage: takes you to the Management Dashboard access for your restaurants

  • My Account: takes you to your personal ordering account

  • Command Center: returns you to the Command Center Home Page

  • Sign Out: will log you out entirely and return you to your customer-facing Order Site url:


The Command Center is a great way to do the following:

  • Place orders manually for your customers

  • Make edits to pending orders that need small changes (such as large catering orders)

  • Look up customers and view their order history

  • See all of your orders in place on the Order Dashboard

  • Guests can call in to place their orders and your staff can leverage the Command center to place the order

  • Staff can save frequently used locations to guests’ profiles

  • Staff can save guests’ frequently used orders so they can be easily repeated

  • Staff can edit existing held orders on behalf of guests

  • Staff can send a quote for an order to a guest

  • Orders are directed to the POS

  • Options for specialized Command Center specific menus

  • Ability to override order throttling rules in real-time for special orders

  • Connected to 86’d items

  • Staff can view how busy locations are to see if there is a need to transfer orders

Best Practices

It is up to you which staff members have access to the Command Center when assigning their roles to the Admin Dashboard. If you assign a staff member to the Command Center they will see it as an option page to navigate to on their Admin Dashboard. If you do not assign a staff member to the Command Center they will not have an option to access this feature.

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