Catering Overview
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Feature Overview

Catering allows you to service orders for large groups of people. Third parties take hefty fees, marketplaces leave you in a sea of competition, and operating catering orders without online ordering is manual and tedious. Lunchbox’s catering solution solves for all of these with first party ordering. You control your orders, menus, throttling rules, and fees.

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Lunchbox’s Catering provides you with all of the necessary tools to be able to service large orders whether it be for an event, business, organization, or anything in between. A few of these key features include:

  • House Accounts (including tax exemption)

  • Ability to create discounts and promos

  • Ability to edit placed orders

  • Transfer locations

  • Apply delivery zoning/rules

  • Dictate fees based on delivery rules

  • Set minimum/maximum orders

  • Catering specific reporting

  • Customizable production sheets

  • Set holiday hours

  • Call center

Guest Experience

How would the Restaurant Partner go about setting up this feature?

  • Catering Guest Experience

Please see above for a walkthrough of the guest experience


  • Branded first party catering platform

  • Full control of catering management via Admin Dashboard

  • Packing instructions and prep sheets included

  • Lead and prep times

  • Set special menus

  • Take orders in advance

  • Repeat/favorite orders

  • Ability to choose which locations are available for catering and during which times


  • Gift cards not accepted

  • Web-only

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