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Email bounce rates can significantly impact the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. A high bounce rate may indicate issues with email deliverability or the quality of your email list. Below are some options that might be helpful in reducing your email bounce rate.

Options to Resolve Bounce Rate Issues

Re-configure Domain Authentication

Improper domain authentication can lead to emails being marked as spam or not being delivered. To ensure your domain is correctly authenticated:

  1. Follow the guidelines provided in the Domain Authentication article.

  2. Verify that your domain records are correctly set up.

Understand iPhone Privacy Features

Emails from iPhone users may appear as a string of numbers due to privacy features that hide their real email addresses. It's important to note:

  • These emails are legitimate and are being delivered.

  • Open rates and click-throughs for these emails may not be visible due to the privacy feature.


Following these steps can improve your email deliverability and reduce your bounce rate. Regularly maintaining your email list and understanding the nuances of email privacy features will help you run more effective email marketing campaigns.

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