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The following explains how to add domain verification to for Restaurant Partners using GoDaddy as their DNS.


This is one of the first steps in allowing to send marketing emails through the customers branded email address. This provides proof of ownership over the domain name to This also verifies the email sender in a way that helps to avoid marketing emails landing in the Spam folder.


This process setup should have no additional costs associated with it.

Setup Time:

If done correctly this setup should take about 10 minutes. If domain propagation takes longer this could take up to 24 hours for verification.


  • If you don’t have access to your DNS this cannot be setup.

  • If you have not been setup with a login. There should be a POC on the brand end set up with a account to the brand specific workspace. login Walkthrough

Configurations Walk Through Video:

Configurations Step by Step:

Step 1: Begin by opening the Website & the GoDaddy Website and login.

Step 2: On the GoDaddy Website from the name drop down click into My Products.

Step 3: On GoDaddy under the Domains section select Manage All.

Step 4: On GoDaddy under the DNS drop down select Manage Zones

Step 5: Next under the GoDaddy DNS Management select the domain name that matches the domain name listed under the email section of

Step 6: Next on under Your Setup List>Setup Messaging Channels> Click on Email

Step 7: Next on click on Verify Domain

NOTE: This exposes the values that need to be added to the DNS as seen below.

NOTE: If you don’t see this information, another way to access this screen on the website, on the left hand panel click Settings>Workspace Settings>Email (Settings)>Verify Domain

Step 8: Open the window next to the window.

Step 9: On the site click the Add button to begin adding the records from

Step 10: Input the following values…

  • Type = Type

  • Host Name = Name

  • Value = Value

  • Priority = Priority

NOTE: The TTL on can stay set to default.

Step 11: Next on click Add record

Step 12: Repeat steps 9, 10 & 11 for all MX Records, the SPF Record & the DKIM Record

NOTE: After adding these records it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 Day for the domain to propagate.

Step 13: Next on the site click the Verify Domain Button.

NOTE: The verified domain on the website will appear as it does below. If was unable to find the records that you added to your DNS it could be that it is taking extra time. Periodically click Verify domain until it verifies. If this takes longer than 24 hours double check that all values were copied over properly.


  • What do I do if I can’t find the domain name on the website?
    Answer: Enter the domain name that you want to associate with that should match your DNS.

  • How do I know if I use GoDaddy as my DNS?
    Answer: Click this link and follow the steps listed to find your NS.

  • Will this affect my current online ordering website?
    Answer: No

  • Will this affect any other part of my DNS setup?
    Answer: No. You are only adding records. Do not delete any existing records.

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