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Track your marketing efforts and see how they are performing using Meta Pixel & Google Analytics 4:

Meta Pixel Identifier

The Meta Pixel is a snippet of JavaScript code that allows you to track visitor activity on your website. For more information, reference Meta for Developers: Meta Pixel

Google Analytics Tag

The Google tag powers the Google products you use with the data to measure the effectiveness of your website and ads. For more information, reference Set up your Google Tag - Analytics Help

Setting Mobile App Tracking IDs

Once you have gathered your brand’s Metal Pixel and/or Google Analytics 4 IDs, navigate to the LB 2.0 Admin Dashboard from your ordering URL.

1. Log in and click "Jump to Admin":

2. Once the Admin opens up, navigate to Design and click on Mobile App:

3. Click on Marketing:

4. Enter the Tracking IDs for Meta Pixel and/or Google Analytics 4.

5. Click on Save:

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