Non-POS Order Handling
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Non-POS Order Handling & Overview

Using the Non-POS solution the guest will place an online order using the restaurant’s online ordering website or Third Party site for Native or Catering Orders and those orders will be aggregated to a single tablet or computer for easy order management.

Table of Contents

Printer Option

Lunchbox 2.0 & 2.1 sends the order via the Lunchbox Agent that is installed on a Windows-based PC within the restaurant that is on the same network as the kitchen printer. Restaurants can then use a tablet of any kind or the PC for managing orders. When using a tablet for order acceptance the computer can be left unattended. For reconciliation purposes orders will have to be manually entered into the POS.

Note: A setting has to be adjusted on the backend of Lunchbox that is set to refresh the Order Management Screen on the Tablet.

Note: It's recommended a store runs the computer with the agent installed that is connected to the network as well as the tablet for manually accepting orders.

Note: If a restaurant has a Windows PC in the front of the house, then they can just use the Agent, but most customers run Agent on back office machines and then have one in the FOH (any tablet) to manage orders.

Non Printer Option

Restaurants can use a tablet of any kind or the PC for managing orders. Orders will not print and will have to be manually entered into the POS for reporting purposes.

Note: A setting has to be adjusted on the backend of Lunchbox that is set to refresh the Order Management Screen on the Tablet.

Note: An online order should be treated like a regular order taken in store.

Computer & Tablet Setup Requirements

Please adhere to the following requirements:

  • High-speed internet: High-speed internet is necessary for online ordering so that orders are delivered to your store quickly

  • Tablet: For order management, any android or apple tablet can be used.

LIMITATION: Printing is unavailable via a tablet-only setup.

  • Computer: A monitor and PC: The NovaDine software will be uploaded onto a windows based computer in the front of the restaurant so that orders are downloaded and your employees are notified.

  • Printer, mouse, and speakers: These items are required so that you can interact with the NovaDine Agent software. The speakers need to be set to the highest volume so that your employees can hear the audio alert when a new order arrives on the Agent. A printer with sufficient ink and paper is also required, as new orders are automatically printed out upon receipt.

  • Printer Connectivity: Printers must be either Bluetooth or a wired connection. For kitchen printers that require the use of an ethernet connection the printer and the computer must be on the same network and the printer has to be assigned using the agent.

  • Windows XP or higher: Our software operates best on Windows XP and higher versions of Windows operating systems.

  • Designated Email Addresses: Used as a backup method of receiving orders in the event your internet or computer is not working properly.

Note: Agent needs the internet to connect to in order to send the order.

  • You must have paper, ink, and toner for this as well High-speed internet: High-speed internet is necessary for online ordering so that orders are delivered to your store quickly

Guest Ordering Process

Guest starts an order by selecting a service type and order time

  • Service types are set up by location and include prep and lead times.

  • The combined lead and prep time set for that service type determines the earliest available ready time for the customer to choose from

Guest orders items and selects checkout

  • At checkout, the prep time will be checked again based on the size of the order and how long it takes the guest to reach checkout

  • If the order ready time has been altered, the guest will have to accept the new ready time before continuing

NovaDine Agent to Computer

  • The NovaDine Agent is the software used to manage online orders received. This will be installed by a NovaDine Technician via remote access prior to activation

  • The NovaDine Agent checks for orders every 60 seconds using a unique username and pulls them down

  • Once the Agent has an order it will send it to the designated PC at the location when the prep time has been met

    • Prep time is set by service type, item total, or order value total

Receiving Orders

  • When the online order is handed off to the ND Agent, an alert will pop up indicating there is a new order along with the chime of a cymbal

  • The Order Management screen will open up and the order will appear RED. A copy of the receipt will automatically print to the designated printer and you will hear a sound resembling a telephone rin

Accepting and Completing Orders

Step 1: Click the “Accept” button to acknowledge the order. You can elect to send the guest a confirmation email stating that the location has received their online order by checking the box “Send confirmation” prior to accepting the order

Step 2: After accepting the order the status color will change to TEAL, this indicates the order is currently in progress

Step 3: Click “Complete” when the order has been picked up. This final process will also capture the credit card pre-authorization

Step 4: After completing the order, the status color will change to GRAY

The various stages are shown below:

Future Orders

The Agent includes the option to hold future orders which is recommended for reconciliation purposes

  • If future orders are for the same day, you have the option to hold the order or send to the POS immediately when the order is received.

  • Earliest send time is the next business day according to the “end of day” for reporting (This setting is found under the “Order Processing” tab in management)

If a guest places a future order and wishes to make a change, it is still possible to make changes to the order

  • If the order has already fired to the POS, the change will need to be made through the POS

  • If the order is still being held by the Agent, the guest can update their order online

Viewing Online Orders

View Online Orders in the Agent

Orders are viewed on the Order Management Screen (OMS) of the Agent. Order status is shown by what color the order is displayed in as detailed below:

View Receipt and Order Details

You can easily view order details, guest details, payment information or print a receipt from the Agent

Step 1: From the Order Management Screen in the Agent, click on the order number

Step 2: Receipt populates showing the order details, guest details and payment information. You can print a copy of the receipt from this page

Credit Card Processing

  • When a guest orders online, they will typically have the option to pay with a credit card or cash upon pick up/delivery (based on location settings)

  • When the guest places their order using a credit card, the card is pre-authorized until the order is complete

  • Upon completion of the order in the POS, the credit card payment is captured

Place a Test Order

When you want to run transactions in test mode:

Step 1: Log in to your site as the below user:

Step 2: Username: [email protected]

Step 3: Password: test

Step 4: Select the location for the test order

Step 5: Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout as a guest would

Step 6: When you get to the checkout screen, you will need to use a test credit card number, which your online merchant provider should supply. No matter what the number, always enter CVV code of 123

Note: When logged in as the test user, our system will automatically run the transactions in test mode. It will also automatically insert a comment on the order instructing the location not to make the food.

Order Escalation

Order Escalation Procedure

  • After a guest places an order it will be sent to your store via the NovaDine Agent installed on your designated PC. You will need to accept the order on the agent

  • If an order is not accepted within 4 minutes on the NovaDine Agent, the order will be escalated by support personnel and automatically faxed. Once escalated, support personnel will call the location to make sure your store receives the order and try determine the issue with the NovaDine Agent

Note: A technician will make 3 attempts to contact the location to ensure that they receive and process the order. If NovaDine is unable to make contact, we will mark the order status to “investigation” which prevents the guest from being charged. The online service will be disabled for the rest of the day and will reactivate the following morning. NovaDine will make every attempt to follow up with the location the next day.The order can be charged once we have confirmed the order was fulfilled.

To help ensure orders are accepted by the location, our system offers several additional notification features:

Order Escalation Management

Set Email/Text Notifications Contact Information

Set email addresses and/or text message format to alert you of non-accepted orders:

Step 1: From the Order Escalation Tab, select the Rule List sub-tab

Step 2: Specify the below, as needed:

  • Minutes After Order Arrives: The number of minutes that pass before you are alerted about an order has not been accepted by the location. Ex: After an order hasn’t been acknowledged for 5 minutes, an alert email will be sent to the address provided

  • Email: Email address that the alerts should be sent to. These can also be configured to be sent as text messages. See note below

Step 3: Check the box next to Enable under Send Email to turn on that notification

Step 4: Click Add Rule

Note: Use your mobile provider’s email address starting with your cell phone number to receive text alerts. Contact your mobile provider to confirm text email. Here are a few examples:

Event Logging Overview

Global Alerts

Global alerts are set up by chain to alert specific people to events occurring at any location. For example, your technical support team would be alerted any time an Agent doesn’t check-in for any location

Edit Global Alerts

To edit a Global Alert, from the Event Logging Tab:

  1. Select the Global Alerts subtab

  2. Click the pencil icon to the left of the Global Alert that you wish to edit

  3. Enter the email address where you would like the alert sent

  4. Click Update

  5. Repeat above steps for each Global Alert that needs editing

Note: Important things to remember to avoid escalations:

  • Turn on the computer or tablet; reboot the computer and login/password to the computer

  • Speakers should be plugged in or tablet sound, turned on and volume turn up

  • Printer needs to be turned on and have paper/toner

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