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Order Testing

To test menus, locations, business hours, coupons, service type rules, etc. please take a look at the video walkthrough for how to enable a Test Location and confirm things are displaying and working properly on your guest ordering experience.

Table of Contents

Configuring a Test Location

Step 1: Navigate to your Lunchbox 2.0 order site

Step 2: Click on Jump To Admin

New LB2 'Jump to Admin' Steps

Step 1: Click on Locations

Step 2: Click on the location you would like to mark as your 'Test Store'

Step 3: Click on Edit

Step 4: Check on ‘Test Store’

Step 5: Click on Save

Step 6: Click on Switch To Old Admin

Older LB2 Admin Steps

Step 1: Select the location and click on Edit

Step 2: Select Yes for ‘Test Store’

Step 3: Click on update

Enabled LB2 Test Store

Step 1: Click on Test Store…

Step 2: Begin Testing

Note: It is recommended that you have a ‘Lab” location in your POS and Lunchbox to test multiple things that aren’t location-specific, but if you are using a live location, make sure to go back and remove test store from the location.

Locations marked as “Test Stores” are NOT visible to guests. Only to signed-in Admins.

Order Testing

After you’ve set your ‘Test Store’ location, you are ready to test orders.

Step 1: Start your order by selecting the Test Store location:

Note: This is where you can test your Locations, Business Hours & Service Types

Step 2: Confirm the Service Type, day and time for your order:

Note: This is where you can test your Service Type rules and restrictions

Step 3: Navigate Categories, Items, Modifier Groups, Modifier Selections, Marketing Boxes, Popular Additions and to test your menu and marketing options:

Step 4: Add Items to your cart, enter Promo Codes and Rewards, and click Check Out to ensure that minimums are being met properly:

Note: You can cart-level upsells from here as well

Step 5: From the Cart, enter payment information and be sure to add “LUNCHBOX TEST ORDER - DO NOT MAKE' in the Special Instructions to ensure that restaurant teams aren’t making the order that is being tested. It doesn’t hurt to let them know you are testing beforehand.

Step 6: Click Place Your Order:

Step 7: Make sure the Order is confirmed and you get to the “Order Summary Page:

Step 8: Navigate to the ‘Jump to Admin’, go to the Orders tab, and select the Test Store location to find your test order:

Step 9: If the order is successfully placed, you will see it move to the Held Status (for future orders depending on the service type configuration), then the Sent to POS if it has been successfully sent to the POS. Once it is closed in the POS, it will move to the Completed status and the order flow is complete.

Note: For non-integrated POS configurations or more manual order flow, you will probably see and use the Unacknowledged, Acknowledged and Completed statuses

Step 10: If you would like to see the entire Order Flow process, look up the Order ID, by going to Order Search and viewing the Order History:

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