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Stripe Integration
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Stripe & Lunchbox Essential Integration

You can connect to your Stripe account in the integrations section in your settings.

How to activate

Step 1

In the Lunchbox Essential admin, go to Settings -> Integrations


Step 2

Click Configure button under Stripe


Step 3

You need to create your Stripe account and connect your bank account in order to receive payments. First click CONNECT BANK ACCOUNT button. You will be directed to Stripe page.


Step 4

You will then get redirected to a page from Stripe to enter your verification code sent to your phone.


Step 5

Now you need to select the country where your business operates and the type of business you have.

Individual: Select this option if your restaurant does not operate under a company

Company: Select this option if your restaurant operates under a company.

Nonprofit organization: Select this option if your restaurant operates under a non-profit organization.

If you select Company, you must select a Business Structure:

Sole proprietorship: A business that isn’t a separate legal entity from its individual owner.

Single-member LLC: A business entity registered with a U.S. state as a limited liability company (LLC) and that has only one member or owner.

Multi-member LLC: A business with multiple owners or members that’s registered in a U.S. state as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Private Partnership: A business jointly owned by two or more people that’s created through a partnership agreement.

Private corporation: A business incorporated in a U.S. state that’s privately owned. It doesn’t have shares that are traded on a public stock exchange. It’s also called a closely-held corporation. If you’re a single-member LLC that has elected to be treated as a corporation for tax purposes, use this classification.

Other/I’m not sure: Select this option if you are not sure.


Step 6

Now you need to enter personal information. Please enter your date of birth, phone number and social security number then click the Continue button.


Step 7

In this page please select your business’ industry and enter your business’ website address. No website? You can share an app store link, a business social media profile, or add a product description instead.


Step 8

Now you need to enter your bank account or debit card info. You will receive payouts to this account.


Step 9

And lastly, you need to verify your ID. You can take a picture with your phone, webcam or just upload a photo of your ID. You can use Driver’s License, Identity Card or Passport. After that click Submit and you will be directed to the Admin panel.

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