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Exporting your customer data from previous POS, Loyalty and/or CRM solutions.

Step 1: Export your customer data as a CSV file from your previous POS, Loyalty and/or CRM solutions.

Step 2: Once you have that data, follow the instructions in the Import Template - Google Sheets and make a copy or download it to edit. To make a copy, click on File, then Make a copy

Step 3: Click on the Import Template tab

Once you've made a copy or downloaded it and decided that you would like to use the import template, navigate to the Import Template tab to start adding data.

Note: If you are simply going to be importing your previous solutions' CSV export, be sure to follow the instructions for renaming the column headers.

Step 4: Enter customer data in the Import Template tab

This is where you can enter customer data such as Name, Email, Phone Number, etc. if you would like to preemptively import it into before the customer places their first order through Lunchbox online ordering.

Step 5: Download the Google sheet as a CSV

Click File > Download > Comma Separate Values (.csv)

Your file will then be downloaded to the specified location on your computer to upload to next.

Dashboard |

Uploading your customer data into

Follow the steps to upload your CSV customer data file to

Step 1. Navigate to your worksplace and click on People

Step 2. Click on Add People

Step 3. Click on Import a CSV

Step 4. Drag and Drop -or- Choose your CSV file to import

Make sure People is selected for "Choose what to import"

Step 5. Review the file upload and click Next

Make sure your file is correct, confirm "email" as you people identifier, "ignore" empty values and click Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 6. Confirm that fields are mapped correctly

This is to ensure that the data fields used in column headers match data fields in . If anything is off, you will see it and be able to correct it here.

Step 7. Once you confirm the Map Fields, click Next

Step 8. Review your Import and Complete Import

This example found 1 new person to add from your CSV. You'll see existing people merged by the email identifier in "Existing People" if you have any.

Step 9. Review Import Summary

Once the Import is complete, you will be able to review it and navigate to people who have been added or edited and create actions right for the segment of users that you recently imported (Broadcasts, Campaigns, etc.)

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