POS (Tab) Overview
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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

POS Tab Overview

This article will show you how to access the POS Tab, where you have the ability to view a list of stores that agents are not checking in.

Table of Contents


The POS Tab shows you a list of stores that agents haven’t checked in for 10 minutes or more.

The information shown on this tab is as follows:

  1. Filter Results

  2. Settings

  3. Columns

    • Store ID

    • Last Agent Checkin - Date and time

    • Last Menu Export - Date and time

    • Current Local time for that location

    • Store Name

    • Store City

    • Store State

Sort Info

To sort the information by a specific column, follow the below:

Step 1: Depending on which column you wish to sort by, click the column name and the information in the table will be sorted from least to greatest

Step 2: To sort from greatest to least, click the column name again and the information will be reversed

Filter Results

To filter the results, type in the information that you wish you filter by. These filters can include the following:

  • Store Number

  • Date and/or time

  • Store Name

  • Store City

  • Store State

Note: You can type just partial information, like store #. If the store # is 4567, you can type in just 45 and it will return any information with those two numbers.


To change the information that is displayed on your POS Tab, follow the below instructions:

Step 1: From the POS Tab, click “Settings” - this will bring down a box with the available options that can show on this tab

Step 2: Enable the check boxes next to the information you wish to display on this tab or disable any check boxes that are currently displaying that you do not need

Step 3: Once complete, click the “Settings” button again

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