2a - Confirm Location Info (Brink)

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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

This section is set up entirely in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard only. Publishes from Brink will not affect the location settings in the Admin Dashboard. The following settings are first set up when locations are built during the onboarding process and can be managed from the Admin Dashboard.

  • Organization: (name of the organization that the restaurant belongs to)

  • Setup Type: (POS_brink)

  • Store Number: (generated outside of LB Enterprise by the restaurant)

  • Name: (guest-facing name that will appear in the location search)

  • Address: (address of the location)

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Postal Code

  • Time Zone

  • Location observes DST: Yes

  • Phone Number:

  • Restrict orders to users with Call Center access: (require a user to have at least call center access or higher to access the location)

  • Checkin Spaces: (used for curbside pickup | quantity should equal the number of spaces where a car can park)

  • Allow Group Orders: Yes (if the client is enabling grouping functionality)

  • Email Address for Orders: (email address to be used for sending order confirmations)

  • Locator Text: (text displayed on the frontend ordering site on the location listing)

  • Fax Notification: No (unless a restaurant partner is opting into fax notifications)

  • Temp Fax Notification: No (unless a user is opting in for temporary fax notifications)

    • ex: This setting sends a backup copy of the order to a fax machine on-premise.

  • Owner Name: (name of restaurant owner | comma separation can be used for multiple owners)

  • Owner Phone Number: (phone number of the restaurant owner | used by support or billing if needed)

  • Owner E-mail: (email address of the restaurant owner)

  • Loyalty Provider: (loyalty provider in use at the location)

  • Status: A location’s status can be set to…

    • Activation Requested (needs to be set up and activated)

    • Approved (activation is approved)

    • Canceled (has churned or there was a billing issue)

    • Closed (is no longer in service)

    • Live (is active and allowed to accept orders)

    • Live - Need Paperwork (is active and is used for New Locations awaiting paperwork)

    • Offline (has been taken offline / no orders are being received. The customer is notified the location is not taking orders)

    • Suspended (used when there is a payment issue)

  • Order Reimbursement:

    • ACH

    • Check

    • None (set this)

  • Option:

    • Order Based (set this)

    • Order Based Flat Discount

    • Standard

  • Subscription Fee: (dependent on the chain)

    • None

    • ACH

    • Credit Card

  • Test Store

    • No (store is not in testing)

    • Yes (store is in testing)

  • Setup Dates

    • Requested Live Date: (date when the location would like to go live)

    • Initial Live Date: (date when the location was set to live):

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