2f - Creating a Loyalty Discount & Non Loyalty Discounts (Toast)

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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2.0 customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:

Loyalty & Non-Loyalty Open $ Discount

Let’s create an Open $ discount in Toast for use with Lunchbox Loyalty and or Non Loyalty Discounts where the coupon logic will be handled by lunchbox instead of in Toast.

Note: When a restaurant is opting into Lunchbox Loyalty, Toast’s Loyalty API has to be set to active and Lunchbox needs to be granted access to it. Click the link for instructions on how to set this up. https://support.lunchbox.io/hc/en-us/articles/12209840869271-In-Store-Loyalty-Lookup

This will enable the ‘Rewards’ button on your terminals for staff to scan for and redeem loyalty.

Please reach out to your Toast rep with any questions.

Note: The restaurant will have to set up this discount for each of their locations if they are not using Master Location Management (MLM). If not on (MLM) Skip step three regarding the target and owner adjustment. The target and owner fields are not visible for non MLM accounts.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND: This same discount setup can be used if you are willing to have Lunchbox control the discount logic. Simply add additional Open$ discounts with the same name.

Let’s begin by building out your first Lunchbox Loyalty Discount. If you take our advice from above then the discount structure for all of your discounts will be the same but the name will change to help in ensuring your discounts align for reporting purposes.

Step 1: From the Toast Admin Dashboard homepage click on Payments > Discounts

Step 2: Click on the + Add a Discount button

Step 3: In the Name of discount field enter Lunchbox Loyalty - DO NOT TOUCH

Note: This same setup can be used if a client is willing to have discounts send through to one single open$ discount. Simply Add another and title this discount LB Non Loyalty Discount - DO NOT TOUCH

Step 4: Change the Owner to All Locations (MLM restaurants only)

Step 5: Change the Target to All Locations (MLM restaurants only)

Step 6: Change the Discount type to Open $ Off

Step 7: Make sure that the discount Applies to the Entire check

Step 8: Scroll down and click Advanced Settings

Step 9: Make sure the Permission Level is set to Manager

Step 10: Under Allow with other discounts check Allow check level or BOGO discounts to be combined with other discount of the same type.

Note: This setting will allow the restaurant partner to give their guests the ability to redeem a discount and loyalty credit at the same time.

If this setting is not enabled loyalty+promo codes will not function properly.

Step 11: When the Manager Permission Level is set additional UI will appear at the top of the coupon. Please scroll up to the Require manager permission for reward redemption setting and set this to NO.

Step 12: At the top righthand corner of the screen hit Save. then Publish.

Note: Once your discount is complete. Locate the GUID of the newly created discount by taking the numbers at the end of the URL and apply it to the POS Refernce field in the discounts that you are building in Lunchbox.

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