Catering Guest Experience

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How does a guest place a Catering Order?

A guest will navigate to your website and click on the “Catering” section. Guests will see the colors of your brand as well as whatever pictures of food you’d like to upload. Next, they'll click “Start Catering Order.” By starting an order, a guest will be directed to sign into their account, create an account if they don’t have one, or to continue as guest. Once a guest signs in they can choose if their order will be pick up or delivery.

If a guest placed delivery they will enter their delivery address and will choose the location they most prefer to order from. Once choosing a time for their order to be ready, a guest will be directed to the menu they can order from.

Guests can navigate the menu categories to add whatever items they would like to their cart. Each item has an option of a picture, description, and size selection. As well as modifiers and special instructions.

When the guest is done adding to their order they can go to their cart to begin the checkout process. Within this process the quest will see a summary of their information, their order, delivery tip if applicable, and will add their credit card information to place an order. Once the order is placed the guest will receive a confirmation email.

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