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Disclaimer: This article is for Lunchbox 2 Enterprise customers only. If your dashboard header looks the same as below, you are in the right place:
Transfer Orders Overview

Lunchbox provides you with the ability to transfer orders from one location to another. You can choose which location to transfer the order to by which location is closest to the original location or you can enter a specific store number.

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Transferring orders allows you to accept more orders and not have to reject any due to high demand in certain locations. Meaning, if one store is overwhelmed with orders and cannot take on another catering order that was placed there - you can simply transfer the catering order to a different location. This way you do not have to lose out on orders.

Transfer an Order

To transfer an order from one store to another:

Step 1: From either the Order Management Tab in the POS Agent or the Orders Tab in Backend Management of the store that you wish to transfer the order from, click ‘Transfer’ to the right of the order you wish to send to another location

Step 2: The locations closest to the transferring store will display in the dropdown. You can select another store by choosing ‘Other’ and entering the store #. Select the store that you wish to transfer the order to.

Step 3: Once the correct store is entered, you will need to enable the checkbox to the left of the confirmation statement and click ‘Transfer Order’

Step 4: A confirmation message will pop-up letting you know that the order transfer was successful

Best Practices

Use the “Order Dashboard” section of the Call Center to see how many orders each location has and their ready times. This information will give you the power to transfer an order to a location who can easily service said order if necessary.


There is no need to overwhelm staff or turn down orders when receiving a catering order. Transferring prevents you from losing out on orders due to bandwidth.


If the order is a pickup order you must confirm with the guest transferring the order is okay.

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