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Override Hours Overview

This guide will show you how to update your store’s opening and/or closing hours for a specific date, if they differ from your normal hours, or close your store for an entire day.

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Whether you are temporarily closing a location early for a holiday, closing multiple locations for an entire day, and/or enabling a menu for a certain time period or running a special, Override Hours will allow you to easily manage your locations' temporary hours.

Create Override Hours

To update hours or close a store (or all stores) on a certain date please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Business Hours tab of the Management Dashboard:

Step 2: Select the store location from Store Search -or- leave all locations unselected (to change hours globally using Global Hours Editor):

Step 3: Navigate to the Override Hours subtab and select the menu you would like to temporarily change the hours for:

Step 4: Select Override Hours options as needed:

  • Single Date or Date Range?

  • Date?

  • Closed for the entire day?

  • Start & End Time (if not closed for the entire day)

Step 5: Once selections are made, click Set to put these Override Hours in effect.

Step 6: You will now see those dates and hours under Current Overrides in the Override Hours subtab:

Any changes made at the store level will override any settings made at the Corporate Level. Additionally, If you are setting up Override Hours on a Global level, it will affect all stores in your group.

Note: If you have multiple live menus, you’ll need to set Override Hours for all menus you wish to disable for your location or locations.


  • Are you able to change or update Override Hours after they’ve been set?

    • No. You would have to create a new set of Override Hours to offset what has already been set up.


  • Set up limited-time holiday/seasonal menus

  • Determine the timeline availability of special menus

  • Make certain menus unavailable

  • Easily adjust hours of operations for short periods of time (ex: displaying as closed on the day of Thanksgiving)

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