Location Change Of Ownership Process

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When a location is changing ownership, several updates may be needed to ensure a smooth transition for the restaurant operator and a seamless guest experience. These include updating users’ permissions to access the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard, updating the billing information for paying Lunchbox subscription fees, and changing the bank account information to receive deposits from credit card transactions processed through Lunchbox.


Restaurant Experience:

Step 1: Update Admin Users and Roles following the directions in this article:mceclip1.png


Step 2: Update Update Billing Information by filling out this form:

NOTE: Lunchbox subscription fees are typically invoiced one of two ways. If each location is responsible for paying their own monthly subscription fee, this form must be submitted. Otherwise, Lunchbox will continue debiting monthly subscription fees from the account on file. This may result in failed payments and interruptions in service

If locations do not pay their only monthly subscription fees (i.e., corporate billing handles the invoicing and payments), this form is not needed.


Step 3: Finally, updated your banking information by following the steps in this article:


Once the banking account information is entered and the Lunchmoney setup is completed, the location’s Payment information will show Pending. It can take 3-5 days for account validation to be finalized and this status to show Complete, however, there should be no interruption in credit card processing abilities during that time. 



  • How long will this take for this information to update?

    • Admin users will be updated immediately, and changes to billing information for Lunchbox Subscription fees will be reflected on the next billing cycle. Please allow for 3-5 business days for your account to be updated on the Lunchmoney/Stripe dashboard.

  • How do I get access to the Admin Dashboard to create users and update permissions?
    • Each Restaurant Partner has users at the corporate level who can manage user accounts and permissions. You should contact your corporate office to obtain access. For security, Lunchbox is not able to create or change admin user accounts or permissions settings.


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